Why Should I sign up to TopNurses?

Access your email from anywhere in the world
TopNurses is web based therefore you can access your email from anywhere that has internet access. At work, on holiday, in the library, you need never miss any of your email.
Centralised email
With web based mail you can store your email in one place and retrieve it from anywhere that has internet access. What's more you can also collect your external mail from home or work.
Memorable email address

When you sign up you will get your own unique email address 
(e.g susan@topnurses.net ). This shows that you're serious about nursing when mailing employers, colleagues or friends.

Permanent email address
TopNurses.net give you a lifetime email address. regardless of whether you change jobs, internet provider or college.
Privacy and Security
With TopNurses.net you are given your own personal mailbox. This allows you to keep your nursing email separate from your other mail accounts. Your mailbox is password protected so nobody else can access your email.
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